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Online/Home Hostess

Online Party Hostess:

Step 1: Invite your friends to shop online at (a week, to be agreed with Sharon and the Hostess.

Step 2: Send a list of friends names who have purchased during the specific week as agreed above, to

Step 3: Order your free handbag/products.

Details in full:

What’s in it for me- As a Bags of Style UK Online Hostess you will receive 15% of your friends total sales to spend with Bags of Style UK. E.g. your friends sales equal £250, your commission @ 15% means you have £37.50 to spend, so you could get your favourite handbag without spending a penny! Plus get 25% OFF one other product.

How it works: As the hostess, you invite your friends to shop online at Bags of Style UK website:, usually within a 7 day window. Your friends place their orders online themselves. When all of your friends have ordered, you email/phone/or text the names (details below) to Bags of Style UK including your name as the hostess. Your commission will be calculated for you to spend online.

Benefits: No worrying who is going to turn up. No time and expense on preparing and buying food and drink. No writing and posting invitations.

Terms & conditions:

Party sales up to £100 qualifies the hostess to a free scarf/necklace (value to £12.00)

Party sales over £100 qualifies the hostess to receive 15% commission (Hostess's own purchases to be included in the total party sales). Qualify for 25% discount on one product.

No cash commission given.

All goods subject to availability.

Hostess Spend Allowance- When the list of your friends orders have been received, a discount code will be issued to you by phone/text/email for the value of your hostess spend allowance. 

If you do not want to spend all of your hostess allowance, just request the value required, when sending the list of your friends names and the remainder will be saved towards your next purchase.

I will talk you through all of the above when a hostess date is arranged.

For any further information please contact Email: or text /call  Sharon 07807273632

Home Parties: My name is Sharon: I've got 10 years experience in party plan, so if you like to put on social events at home, you are in safe hands for a successful home party daytime or evening. My contact details are as above.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.